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Now also for Small Series, tooling and production!

Small series, big ambitions

Is it a bad thing to be ambitious and have a clear goal?
For us, the answer is no! Becoming the best at small series is our new goal!

After 30 years of designing and developing automotive prototypes, we are adding a focus on small serial tools and the production of parts – automotive and non-automotive.

We are happy to produce in quantities that may not interest other serial suppliers.

Prototyping and small series are two different worlds.
To prepare ourselves for this new market, we have taken some big steps.

What hasn’t changed is our desire to be a one-stop shop and remain flexible for our customers.

Do you want to know more about the steps we have taken and what else we can offer?

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Prototype injection moulded products

Prototype building requires more than mould technology. You also have to master the injection moulding process down to the finest detail, as well as the knowledge of materials. Only when this triangle – mould, material and injection moulding process – is in balance will you be able to quickly achieve good, functional prototypes. We can manufacture our moulds from aluminium, steel or a combination of both.

Our knowledge and experience, together with our ‘Rundum Sorgenlos Paket’, make us the ideal partner for those looking for fast turnaround times in the development process of injection moulded products without compromising on quality.

Wide range of products

We produce large, assembled plastic parts for the exterior and interior of cars. These include, among others, fully assembled front or rear bumpers, door trim, hybrid A, B or C pillars, dashboards or a centre console. Combinations of plastic with metal or even wood fibres are also possible. Our starting point is always the client’s CAD design.

Innovative moulds

As a manufacturer of plastic parts, we play a role in the far-reaching developments in the automotive industry. Looking ahead is also part of that role.

Our expertise enables us to think along with you about new applications and processes. In the research and development department, we explore and create new possibilities, and no challenge is too big for us. For example, overmoulding is common with aluminium or steel. However, overmoulding and forming thermoplastic composites and (printed) films is also possible, as are entirely new techniques such as synfuse.

Thermoplastic foam injection moulding is another technique we have in-house. This is when a chemical foaming agent or nitrogen is added to the plastic during injection moulding. The core of these products has a cellular structure. The main advantage of this technique is that it saves weight while maintaining strength.

Techniques we can offer include:

  • MuCell/TSG – with or without core back expansion
  • 2K parts
  • hybrid parts – overmoulding aluminium, steel, composites, foils, etc.
  • synfuse – overmoulding a thermoplast with PU(R)