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Turning ideas into products. That’s what we do. As a specialist in making plastic prototypes and small series, we are at the cradle of new car models. We support our customers’ design and development teams by taking the production process of plastic parts completely out of their hands. Within 8 to 12 weeks, we convert a CAD design (computer-aided design) into a fully painted and assembled injection moulded product, ready for intensive testing or even for use in vehicles that are sold.

We convert our wealth of in-house knowledge in mould design, injection moulding and materials into high-quality products with a fast delivery time. This requires efficiency, insight into the process and a great deal of experience.

One major advantage for us is that the design and production process takes place at one location. Combined with our open structure for easier communication, this helps make the process more efficient. Projects of up to 30 moulds are no problem for us.

We specialise in proto tooling injection moulded products for cars, from large exterior parts such as complete bumper assemblies to interior products such as dashboards and door panels.

However, we also produce plastic series products. We mainly focus on the small series and niche market, which most major suppliers overlook due to the lower production numbers and a higher degree of flexibility required. But for us, these projects are no problem at all.

We can produce 500 to 50,000 pieces over a lifetime, using various mould concepts and materials such as aluminium, steel or hybrid solutions depending on the numbers, quality requirements, materials and dimensions you require.
No matter how innovative your ideas are, we always have the knowledge, resources and capacity in-house to translate them into a beautiful product.

What we stand for

We offer design and development teams the opportunity to focus on their core business by:

  • translating a CAD design into a finished injection moulded product in a short period of time
  • providing a single point of contact for the entire production process, from mould to injection moulded product assembly
  • combining just-in-time delivery with know-how and service
  • carrying out most operations in-house, so confidentiality is guaranteed to the highest possible extent
  • thinking along with the customer and relieving them of their worries with our ‘Rundum Sorgenlos Paket’ in which flexibility and service are central (a turn-key solution)

Mission and vision

Our mission:

Our goal is to produce and design steel and aluminium moulds, injection moulded prototypes and small series parts for various customers including the automotive industry. Our primary focus is on short delivery times and the ability to take away the customer’s concerns. We also guarantee quality and flexibility in our production

Our vision:

We want to be the market leader for the production of high-quality small serial parts in addition to maintaining our leading position as a prototype supplier where we guarantee innovation and flexibility.

Core values

  • Innovation
  • Customer orientation/concern alleviation
  • Respect and honesty (to employees and customers)
  • Reliability
  • Quality-driven
  • No-nonsense culture and flexibility
  • Sustainability!


Our base lies in the plastics industry, and the name KUPRON (‘KUnststof PRoduct Ontwikkeling Nederland’) reflects these roots (‘Plastic Product Development Netherlands’). In 1984, we started as an engineering and development group for moulds and plastic parts within the DSM chemical group.

Today, we are an independent partner for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) as well as 1-Tier and 2-Tier suppliers within the automotive industry. The process of engineering, creating and fine-tuning is written on our body. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, we can fully support customers in their development process.


Started as part of chemical group DSM

Number of employees: 12
Location: Dr Nolenslaan, Sittard


Takeover by private owner Mr E. Simon


Relocation to Industriestraat 2D, Sittard

Production area grows from 2200m2 to 8750m2
Number of employees: 45


Installation of several environmentally friendly systems:

  • solar panels on our premises
  • closed-loop cooling system for our injection moulding equipment
  • energy-efficient LED lighting in our halls
  • an energy-saving air purification system in milling and injection moulding department.


Repositioning of Kupron in the field of:

  • production of small series tools and products
  • prototyping
  • production of technically advanced development tools

Number of employees: 82


We are ISO 9001-certified. In addition to being  2nd Tier suppliers, we also supply directly to OEMs in the automotive industry. For us, however, quality means more than just the formal requirements of this standard. It also means that, thanks to our prototypes, clients can launch their new product faster, better and more cost-effectively. Our employees are committed to this every day.

Furthermore, we are Tisax (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange)-certified to guarantee the security and confidentiality of our customers’ data.

In addition, we have completed an assessment in the field of sustainability. This was carried out by Ecovadis.

Watch our new company video now
Watch our new company video now