We turn your ideas into parts

We are a specialist in making plastic prototypes

Small series

Are you selling parts to consumers, without the need for prototype parts? We have various mould technologies at our disposal and can guarantee fast delivery times for clients.


Prototype building requires more than mould technology. You also have to master the injection moulding process down to the finest detail, as well as the knowledge of materials.

innovative moulds

Our expertise enables us to think along with you about new applications and processes.  In the research and development department, we explore and create new possibilities.

CNC Milling

CNC Milling is one of our main competencies for many years. We can mill your moulds, tools or custom parts. In Aluminium, Steel or modelling board.

Our Products

Non Automotive injection moulded parts

Automotive injection moulded parts

CNC Milled parts

About Kupron

Turning ideas into products. That’s what we do. As a specialist in making plastic prototypes and small series, we are at the cradle of new car models. We support our customers’ design and development teams by taking the production process of plastic parts completely out of their hands.


As a manufacturer of plastic parts, we play a role in the far-reaching developments in the automotive industry. Looking ahead is also part of that role.


We have a wealth of in-house knowledge in the field of mould design, injection moulding and materials, which we convert into high-quality products.

Fast Delivery

Our core business demands efficiency, insight into the process and a great deal of experience, all of which guarantees a fast and efficient delivery time.


The sustainability of our company is reflected by the many certifications that we have, our environmental commitment, and the attitude of our team.


The many processes involved in our daily activities require a wide range of knowledge, experience and teamwork from all our employees.


We are proud to present a wide range of reference projects which we have completed in collaboration with our partners and team members.

News & Career

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Our Partners

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Watch our new company video now