We turn your ideas into parts

We offer both injection moulded prototype & small series production

Non-automotive parts

In addition to the production of parts for the automotive industry, we also produce plastic products for other industries. We offer both prototype and small series parts for this.

We provide parts for the following industries:

  • Medical
  • White goods
  • Electronics
  • Construction
  • Agriculture

Automotive parts

Our strength is producing exterior parts for cars. We make all the parts ourselves, from the large injection moulded parts to the small mounting clips. Think of complete bumper assemblies, but also sidewalls and full plastic tailgates.

We can also supply all kinds of plastic parts for the interior, from high-quality visible parts to technical carrier parts. This includes all conceivable interior parts, such as dashboards, centre consoles, door panels or A, B, C Pillar trims.

Our products can be found not only in the exterior and interior of the car but also in its technical components. Examples include wheel arch liners, underbody-covering parts that protect the batteries of electric cars, and sunroof frames, but we also produce many plastic front end carriers and offer hybrid variants.

It is also possible to include reinforcement parts made of steel, aluminium or a composite.

CNC Milled parts

We produce all kinds of CNC machined parts like:

  • Moulds for laminating, foaming or injection moulding
  • Tools
  • Fixture components
  • Custom parts

Components can be milled from Aluminium, steel or modelling board.

Watch our new company video now
Watch our new company video now