Production of innovative bicycle tyre levers

A German partner of Kupron who is usually specialised in designing and developing automotive components has now developed a completely different product: A magnetic bike bottle holder called the “Bottle28”.

An employee of this partner was always struggling to place his bike bottle back into the holder quickly and without fumbling during fast bike rides. Therefore he decided to initiate the design of this innovative system.

The whole system also includes a tool carrier and tyre levers.

More general information about this system can be found on:

At Kupron we are happy that we were asked to produce the tyre levers for this system.

Besides the, fully automated, production of these parts we also designed and produced the necessary tooling.

We produced the steel injection mould and necessary end-of-arm tooling completely in house!

Furthermore we assisted in the material selection for these parts.

As you can see, producing parts for the bicycle industry is also possible for Kupron!

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Watch our new company video now
Watch our new company video now