Kupron’s latest collaboration in creating sustainable electro housing.

Joining forces with Progress & Metafas we have created this electro housing for a water UV-C disinfection application for Van Remmen UV Technologies. Progress Europe has developed the design, which we at Kupron have fine-tuned for serial production and designing of the injection moulding tools. With the support of Albis, the right sustainable materials have been chosen. These parts are being produced by using recycled materials and are available in two colours.

After production of the tools and parts in house at Kupron the parts will be assembled at Van Remmen. The screen printed front panel foil, made by Metafas takes care of the user-interface and usage of the application.

A good example of using the right expertise from each company, can result in what you see below!

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Watch our new company video now
Watch our new company video now