Daimler S-Klasse Guard

Every year Daimler produces a small amount of armored variants of their S-Klasse. 

These cars are equipped with an extra thick, bulletproof, windshield. In order to fit this windshield to the car some stock parts need to be modified. One of these parts is the instrument panel. 

The system supplier for the standard IP “cuts” a piece of the front of the IP to accommodate the thick windshield. After this operation the stock airchannel, defroster vents and some other parts can’t be used anymore. A special variant of these parts has to be produced. These are exactly the parts we produce in house for this car. See below an overview of these parts:

Some of these parts are technical parts. Others a fully visible, grained, parts.

The tools we made to produce these parts are either full aluminium tools or hybrid (a combination of aluminium and steel) tools for the grained parts. By using a combination of steel and aluminium we can offer commercially attractive tools with the surface quality to match the serial parts!

All these tools are equipped with home-made Kupron sequential hotrunner systems

Of course the parts are delivered with the documentation the system supplier requested.

Please feel free to contact us if you wish more information about our small series possibilities!

Watch our new company video now
Watch our new company video now