Benefits of a laser machine

Early 2019 VROTECH delivered a cutting edge laser machine at our production park. 

At Kupron, we develop and produce all kind of parts for the automotive industry but also the medical, electronic and agricultural sector. These plastic parts also need to be delivered to our clients, therefore packaging and transport play a very important role. After all, we want the product to arrive safely at the clients. 

The parts need to be supported in all places when they are transported. It is crucial that the part can rest on a frame in the package. Back in the days, this frame was ordered at a packaging supplier. 

“That was convenient; it was one supplier, but also it had its downsides,” says Bob Goessen, Sales Manager. “It was fantastic that everything could be ordered in one go, however because of the lower quantities it was less cost-effective. Besides that, we did not order regularly, therefore the delivery time became longer.” 

Since we have installed the BRM 150300 laser machine, a lot has changed in the packaging process. “The supplier is gone, and because many of our orders are rushed, we are now much more flexible and besides that, it is much more cost-effective” Bob explains. “That flexibility is great. It is what we stand for as a company, no question is out of our league and this machine matches that perfectly.” Next to packaging, we also benefit from tapes which we use to glue parts together for transportation. Thus, high-quality material. These tapes can now also be laser cut by the machine, where we used to do this manually back in the days. The result is not only quicker but also aesthetically nicer, which is a great benefit of the BRM 150300.

If you have seen and experienced how the machine works, you see it is also very beneficial for other things. The BRM 150300 has brought new ideas to our minds. “In the future, we also want to edit other materials, we are for example thinking of wood material. However, we want to first test this properly and are also taking the time for that. We need to think well and invest in good results. That is important for us. But we know that it is possible, because the possibilities are endless.”


Watch our new company video now
Watch our new company video now