Q-Hypro: interchangeable moulding unit
There is good reason why we call ourselves the mould innovators. Kupron has developed its very own moulding technology known as Q-Hypro. We use a basic shape and in it we place custom-made moulding parts. Q-Hypro technology reduces lead-times and the costs of materials because we only process that part of the mould, which is needed to inject the right shape. Our Q-Hypro enables us to injection-mould both with and without forced demoulding.

Patented hot-runner system
Short lead-times are a priority at Kupron. To this end we have our own patented hot-runner system. Within the space of two weeks, we can build a complete system with up to 12 injection points. Because of the modular make-up of our hot-runner system, for every new mould we can guarantee optimum injection-moulding capacity at low cost and with a short lead-time.

Injection-moulding technology
Kupron has all the latest injection-moulding technology in house, such as production of hybrid components. For example, we can make plastic surrounds for metal parts for car roof units. We can also combine light weight with high degree of rigidity. Another application is to incorporate the upholstery directly in the mould on the injection-moulded part, for example, as upholstery for A, B or C columns or dashboard components. With inmould decoration, we can also inject plastic on printed film, so that logos and brandnames can be included directly in the injection-moulding process.

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