Core Values

Comprehensive all-round service
Prototype construction requires more than just moulding technology. Injection moulding too is a process that needs mastering, in the same way that material know-how is an essential factor. Only when there is a balanced relationship between the mould, the material and the injection-moulding process is it possible to produce a properly functioning prototype. Because our roots lie in the plastics industry, over the years, Kupron has managed to master all these techniques. Given our know-how and experience, supplemented by our comprehensive all-round service, Kupron Mould Innovators is the ideal partner for those looking to minimise their turnaround times for injection-moulded products without making concessions to quality.

This is what we stand for
Kupron Mould Innovators offers design and development teams the opportunity to focus on their core business by:
transforming a CAD design into a finished injection-mould product in next to no time;
providing a single point of contact for the entire production process, from moulding to assembly of the injection-moulded product;
combining just-in-time delivery with know-how and service;
performing almost all the manufacturing processes in house, thus maximising confidentiality.

Kupron is ISO 9001 certified. As well as 1st and 2nd tier suppliers, we also supply direct to OEMs in the automotive industry. However, our ambitions in this field don’t stop with the formal quality requirements of this standard. For us, quality means that customers are able to launch their new products onto the market more quickly, more effectively and more cheaply. Each and every day, staff at Kupron is working towards this goal.

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